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Mathematics - Secondary School Mathematics for Class 9 by R S Aggarwal (Bharati Bhawan Publication)

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  • Author: R S Aggarawl
  • Publisher: Bharati Bhawam
  • Year: 2017
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  • Book Medium: English


Mathematics - Secondary School Mathematics for Class 9 by R S Aggarwal (Bharati Bhawan Publication)<

R S Aggarawal- Mathematics for Class 9

 R S Agrawal Mathematics for Class IX (Mathematics for 9th standard by R SAgrawal)

R S Agarawal Mathematics for Class 9 is one of India's the best and popular book of CBSE Mathematics for 9th class of CBSE and State board examinations . This book R S Agarawal Mathematics for Class IX (R S Agarawal Maths) is also very much useful for understanding the subject. R S Agarawal mathematics books are available at best price online on bookwindow. You can order best seller mathematics book for class 9th - R S Agarawal Mathematics online for best price and home delivery. Apart from R S Agarawal Mathematics for class 9, other mathematics books by R S Agarawal including R S Agarawal Mathematics for class 10th are equally useful and popular books for CBSE and State boards students.

'Secondary School Mathematics For Class-IX' isstrictly according to the syllabus of Mathematics in CBSE. The book is authored by R.S. Agarwal and V. Aggarwal . The focus of the book is to provide complete knowledge to students on theoretical as well as practical problems. The book includes comprehensive explanation on topics like Real Numbers, Polynomials, Euclid's Geometry Angles, Lines, Triangles and Congruence of Triangles. It also discusses with detailed notes Inequalities in a Triangle, Coordinate Geometry, Linear Equations Geometrical Constructions, Volume, Surface Area Quadrilaterals, Area and Circles, Statistics and Probability.