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Public Finance by Dr H L Bhatia (Hindi Medium)

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  • Author: Dr H L Bhatia
  • Publisher: Vikas Publishing House
  • Year: 2017
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Public Finance by Dr H L Bhatia (Hindi Medium)<

Public Finance (lok Vitt) in Hindi Medium by Dr H L Bhatia

Best Price on Public Finance by Dr H L Bhatia online. Public Finance (Lok Vitt) by Dr H L Bhatia is a comprehensive textbook of public finance. Public Finance by Dr H L Bhatia presents a comprehensive, systematic and coherent study of the Public Finance in India. .

The book Public Finance by H L Bhatia has now been in existence for more than 40 years.At this stage Public Finance by H L Bhatia has virtually become an encyclopedia on all financial matters of the Government of India, serving as a textbook for students, teachers and the general public and a reference volume for researchers and others. Public Finance by H L Bhatia is equally useful for competitive examinations conducted by various professional and employment-providing bodies. It covers the UGC syllabus and the syllabi of many Indian universities for honours, postgraduate and professional courses. 
The discussion in the book - Public Finance (Lok Vitt) by H L Bhatia grows with a logical and systematic approach. Public Finance by H L Bhatia is divided into two parts. Part I provides an analytical and comprehensive discussion of both the basics and frontiers of the theory of public finance. 
Part II covers the set-up, issues and working of Indian fiscal field mounted upon the theoretical underpinnings and international practices and experience. The illustrations are drawn mainly from the Indian scene, with a cross reference to international experience. 
The book uses all the modern-day tools of pedagogy, like Learning Objectives, Key Terms, Summary, Review Questions and Exercises.

Public Finance book is authored by Dr H L Bhatia. Public Finance by Dr H L Bhatia is published by Vikas Publishing House. We offer best price on the textbooks of public finance including Public Finance by Dr H L Bhatia. Order your copy of Public Finance by Dr H L Bhatia now online on bookwindow. Hard books are always preffered over the PDF download.

Dr H L Bhatia is also the author of renowned books like History of Economic thoughts, International economics and Economics for Engineers published by Vikas Publishing.

Contents of Public Finance by H L Bhatia
  • Part-I: Theory of Public Finance
    • Economic Activities and the State • Meaning and Scope of Public Finance • Principle of Maximum Advantage • Public Revenue—General Considerations • Division of Tax Burden-I • Division of Tax Burden-II • Incidence of Taxes • Classification and Choice of Taxes • Effect of Taxation • Public Debt • Public Expenditure-General Considerations • Effects of Public Expenditure • Public Budget • Balanced Budget and Fiscal Policy • Federal Finance • Public Undertakings    

    Part-II: Indian Public Finance
    • Indian Federal Finance-I • Indian Federal Finance-II • Public Debt in India • Government of India Finances • The Indian Tax System • Railway Finances • Public Sector Undertakings in India • State Finances • Agricultural Taxation in India • Local Finance • Comments on Recent Central Government Budgets (2014-15 to 2017-18)