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Books for judicial services/ Haryana HPSC Civil Judge in English and Hindi Medium

Best and Popular Books for Haryana Judicial service- HPSC CIvil Judge recruitment exam 2021/ Haryana Judiciary exam are available at best price online. Popular, standard and recommended reference books, guides, notes, practice set/ past solved question papers etc covering complete syllabus of HPSC Civil judge recruitment exam / judicial service exam in hindi and English medium by all major publications like- LexisNexis, Universal, Allahabad Law agency, Central Law agency (CLA), central law publication are available online on bookwindow

Books based on previous years paper pattern covering substantive law (public and private law- law of contracts, real property, torts and Criminal Law) and procedural law are must read books for the judicial service/ Haryana Judicial service by HPSC. Constitution of India, Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC), Civil Procedure Code, Indian Penal Code (IPC), Law of Limitation, Arbitration, Transfer of Property, Evidence Law, Contract Act, Partnership Act, Sale of Goods Act and all law book s for judicial services/ PCS (J) are available online at best price on bookwindow

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Utkarsh - Rajathan High Court...

₹150 150
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Rajasthan Junior Legal Office...

₹490 675
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Rajasthan Junior Legal Office...

₹520 650
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Guide to Judicial Service Pre...

₹1116 1395
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CLP-Constitution of India by ...

₹208 260
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EBC master Guide to the Judic...

₹1190 1395
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Rajasthan judicial service- H...

₹335 450
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English Language for Judicial...

₹277 378
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RJS Solved Papers- Anand Prak...

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Judicial Service Examinations...

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Practice Test Papers for Judi...

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RBD Hindi for Judicial Servic...

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Rajasthan judicial service RJ...

₹1170 1539
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